Accountant in Beaverton, OR

Small businesses and entrepreneurs may not want to deal with the details of tracking finances and all the associated paperwork and number crunching that goes along with it, but the successful ones turn to an accountant for help. For businesses in Beaverton, OR, that help comes from BTL & Company – Tax & Accounting, a family-owned and -operated firm. We can provide assistance in various areas including:

• Managing your receivables/payables
• Filing your taxes
• Helping with complex balance sheets

Providing Peace of Mind

If you want the ability to know where you stand financially at any given time, we can provide that peace of mind, and we’ll do it with integrity and accuracy. You can feel confident in our ability to manage the details.

Businesses in Beaverton understand that there are many reasons for either success or failure, but a sure negative is not having a trusted accountant to present an accurate picture of expenditures, liabilities, and income. Call BTL & Company – Tax & Accounting before you’re overwhelmed with the financial details of your business.